Answers to common Questions

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What does a membership include?
Memberships are offered annually and include three amazing musical evenings each year. Each evening begins with an exquisite cocktail reception, followed by an intimate performance by a legendary artist. Typically immediately following the show, we also have an afterparty nearby featuring premium drinks, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and music (often live), just to keep the party going.

What is your refund policy?
Music With Friends does not issue refunds.

When are shows scheduled for Music With Friends?

Shows are booked with members in mind, normally on weekday evenings to avoid weekend conflicts. Shows are also not booked over the summer months, June through late August, out of respect for vacations. Typically, we offer two performances in the spring and one in the fall or vice versa.

How will I select a seat once I become a member?

All seating is arranged on a first come, first served basis. We will be happy to meet you at the theater and personally assist in selecting the best available seat.

How do I join Music With Friends?
Please use the contact information for your area located on the “Contact Us” page.

How does Music With Friends select the artists that perform?
This is a club that belongs to our supportive members, and we value the input of each and every person. An artist poll is sent to all members at the beginning of the season. Artist selection is based on this voting process and on music genres, in order to offer members a variety of music throughout the season. The poll is not a guarantee of artist selection–final artist selection is dependent on availability of the artist and the venue.

As a member, will I be able to purchase additional seats on a show-by-show basis?
Yes, we always offer our members any extra seats, if they are available for a particular show. We are a private club and never offer seats to the public. Additional seats will be offered to members on a first come, first served basis.

Does Music With Friends support any charities?

Yes, one of our member benefits is our participation in raffles, auctions and other fundraising events. We are proud to support our members in their philanthropic efforts and are always open to hearing more about their causes. For a full list of charities we support or have supported please contact the membership director.