After America Concert, Music With Friends Announces Norah Jones for March

Music With Friends
November 7, 2016

During the intermission of their November 2 AMERICA / Christopher Cross concert, Music With Friends creator Larry Farber and his trusty sidekick Becky Mitchener announced their first artist for the 2017 season.

Monday, March 13th, 2017 Music with Friends will welcome nine time Grammy Award winner and Billboard “top jazz artist of the decade,” Norah Jones to play an intimate concert evening at the McGlohon Theater.


If you’re an avid scoop reader, you may have already seen our post on MUSIC WITH FRIENDS, a private, membership music club that hosts 3 concerts each year at McGlohon Theater.

The 2016 MWF concert year ended with a Bang! with a double performance by America and Christopher Cross, after stellar shows by Steely Dan in April and a joint show with The Temptations & The Four Tops in February ’16.

c -donna-bise-mwfclt-america130

(C) Donna Bise

Cross opened up the evening with his sweet, softrock songs like “Sailing“, “Think of Laura” and “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)”  and immediately brought the mostly over-40 crowd back to 1980, when Cross shot to the top of charts with his first album and his popular “Ride Like the Wind“.  In 1981, Christopher Cross won the Grammy for Album of the Year and famously beat Pink Floyd’s The Wall for that year’s Grammy (strange times indeed, in hindsight).

(c) donna-bise-mwfclt-america085

(C) Donna Bise


Cross often fronts for AMERICA, and even pitched in to sing a few tunes during their line up.  In case you weren’t born yet, America was HUGE throughout the 70’s, with kind of a folk-rock, only slightly stoned vibe that bridged the hard rock and soft contemporary divide perfectly.


(C) Donna Bise

The band performed almost all of their greatest hits ~  “A Horse with No Name” “I Need You” “Ventura Highway” “Tin Man” “Lonely People” “Sister Golden Hair” “Daisy Jane“”You Can Do Magic” along with two rousing renditions of “Sandman” and the Mamas & the Papas “California Dreamin’“.   While the crowd was most excited about Sister Golden Hair, I’m a Ventura Highway girl all the way.


(C) Donna Bise

(Fortunately, they did not play one of my least favorite songs ever, “Muskrat Love” which was pretty much ruined once it was covered by The Captain & Tenille or some such silliness).

As you can see from the photos, Music With Friends provides an up close concert experience unlike any other available to you in Charlotte. The theater is small and the acousitics are amazing. It’s basically like going to a private party, where the drinks and food are plentiful, where you can practically reach out and touch the performers AND where you can even meet & greet them after the show.  It’s pretty awesome.


(C) Donna Bise


(C) Donna Bise


(C) Donna Bise


(C) Donna Bise


It’s going to be AH MAY ZING when Norah Jones plays there on March 13th, 2017. You’d better sign up for that membership you’ve been debating NOW. And let me just say, the after-party is about as much fun-after-a-concert fun as you can legally have around here.


(C) Donna Bise


(C) Donna Bise


(C) Donna Bise

If you think Music With Friends might be for you, or if you just want more info or have questions, please contact Becky asap!!

B E C K Y  M I T C H E N E R

Director of Corporate Development & Membership/Charlotte